These words….

My love, do not ask from me
the love we shared once before.
If you were here, I always thought
life would shine, eternally.

We share our grief, so why argue
over the sorrows of the world?
Your countenance is the assurance
of perennial spring, everywhere.

For what is the worth of this world
but the sight of your eyes?
If only I found you, the fates
would be enthralled.

This wasn’t how it should have been,
except that I wanted it to be;
there are more sorrows in this world
beyond the anguish of love.

There is more to happiness
than the relief of reunion;
the blight of dark magic
of years beyond counting,

while draped in silk,
satin and brocade; everywhere,
in alleys and marketplaces,
young flesh is up for sale.

Dragged in the dirt,
bathed in blood, bodies
emerge from furnaces
of pestilence.

Pus flows untapped
from leaking ulcers.
My eyes can’t look away,
what should I do?

Your beauty still allures, but
what can I do?
There are sorrows in this world
beyond the pleasures of love.

There is more to happiness
than the relief of reunion;
so my love, do not ask from me
the love we shared once before.

Originally …mujhse pehlisi mohobbat mere mehboob na maang by faiz Ahmed faiz..

Shetakari:-) to :-(

Farmer- meaning shetakari in Marathi.

Y.V Reddy too said such small amount of loan waiver is nothing if we take our loans and 10,000crores which are been given to Air India.

Stand for farmers. Do anything from your side and contribute for them .

It all starts from earth ,

Then their hardwork

Then food

Then market

Then business


Imports unnecessarily even we have




.Farmers suicide’s reports!

Not farmer.

If we want to progress ,we should start from them. 

By Kiran Rathod

Bad morning!

Who want to get up early in the morning to see the movie in the theatre that too on sunday because it will cost low?

Me … Hahaha ofcourse if you are not sure about the movie you should definitely​ be experimenting in the morning​ time.

As always I was late for the movie. After 20minutes I reached the theatre and in a hush hush way entered and finally with heavy inhale -exhale moment I bagged my seat.

“Jo der se jalta he magar jalta jarur he use tublight kehte he”,the movie was already started. Yes it was “Tubelight”.

I felt like I was Tubelight when  I was booking my ticket for ,was not that bad but janedo yar, I will share my experience throughout the movie.

Beside me was lady sitting and she  in every next dialogue was saying ,”Ee mere watan ke logo…song”

I am overemotional and I was like please stop my eyes are already swell since I slept for 7hours (it is exceptional for me). She was then she saying,”yar salman hi acha dikhta he uske bhaiyon me”,this I myself admitted .
“Bharat Mata ki jai”,she said. 

I said okay its good atleast in theatre someone is keeping the enthusiasm of “mera Bharat mahan” alive.

The scenes continued ,with salman crying over every next moment. Gosh I didnt see him crying for so long. I literally was looking horrible,after the movie . Who wants to cry early in morning yar. 

I will never ever going to have this kind of  emotional movies in the theatre again. No no never ever I bet.

Although ,movie give some nice messages about Gandhiji’s sayings. People wants to have some really interesting sci-fi, funny , comedy movies to relieve their whole weekend stress. Please try if possible to make us really happy in the morning . 

It should be “Good Morning”.

Day dreams…

India-land of dreams. Everyone must be shocked by reading this, I know. But surely from my view it is. 

It has become land of dreams because here graduated youths instead of doing job are busy day dreaming. Here I will not used the word unemployment. Sorry guys I would say we are not goal oriented enough, we are not mechanised, we Indians are always taught ,”government jobs are secure jobs.”Wow! Great! awesome! You say when you get this job. 

Friends it is “awe”some .  

Every example I would take will have many flaws and you will get exhausted reading this. I am not anti-government person too just a person who wanted to ask some questions .

Why Engineering colleges are still running if they can’t produce quality mechanised robots?

Why uneducated politicians get more money than one who is serving and dying for them?

While writing questions too I am getting bored such are these questions . India is getting bored . India your  youth is getting bored in just studying and studying for civil services ,to get some respectable job and betterment of country.

But God helps those who help themselves.

The people here don’t want to improve they just want to carry on spitting on the road no matter on 2nd October they proudly with all their voice out of their vocal cord they say swacch Bharat abhiyan,and from next day onward getting gutkha and spitting on the road yesterday they have swept.

Common youth are you studying for these people who just don’t want to change!

Yes , I am studying for them , they are my people. They are like me . I am like them . Our government is too like us , for the poor they work. Just we need small difference. Government have to highly utilise youth in ground level part jobs. This way  they will get no time to see boring dreams and local people ,villagers too will have educated youth to remind them of cleanliness programme.
This is just one example. In  every program if we do like this . My dream India will soon be in my night dreams not day dreams.

I am youth.

I want the change to start with me.

Goodnight friends. 

My friend!

Nishi…my wonderful friend and a dear one …we started from fighting and ended up in a beautiful friendship, a loving one . 

A talkative ,intello , nautanki kind of friend I would say who always want to get clicked by someone and ofcourse she herself is too busy in doing that.

My aunt (her mom), is all time busy in investigating.. and investigating about what and the answer I should say our Jiju . Haaaaaaaaaaaa really Nishi eagerly waiting for the day when it will come. Everyone wants especially kind of friend I am wants her friend should be marrying before her…lol. ofcourse to get ready and dance in her wedding . 

Nishu’s mom had given her the 1month time to get a job or she will be searching for her a groom. And there comes a major obstacle . Yes she is a engineer. And you are thinking correctly​ my readers that she will no sooner get the job. So as decided a customer something kind of bpo she got. Haaaaaaaaaaaa Bach gai bichari from her wedding. I am kind of happy too . But I wanted more for her. Because so enthusiastic ,social, hardworking, cheerful ,witty and sincere person she is she deserve a good job. 

And it came on her plate on 14th Feb .

Yes she got selected in capgemini and is permanently placed now, good better best.

Yes life goes on…

It was nice aunty pressurise her for a while,because when you are given a deadline you do it ,you do it anyhow.

When you want that dream company and your goal ,you anyhow study and have it at the cost of  not talking with your friend too…and Nishi I will not spare you for that. But you can compensate it with a party​. 

From enemy (kind of) to friends,

From celebrating our each day of our college especially last ,for clicking 1000of photos in one day and that too of a single person , also the”garib”day where only both of us celebrated. And involving me in each sad part of your life and for sharing your sorrow,your tension ,your problems ,it was kind of everything as friend I would anytime want ,and you gave it to me.

That is important ,that sharing of sorrow more than joys make you my a very ‘dont want to loose’ friend. I love you and a very happy bday.

Note: anyway you have to marry before me.;)

Are you original?

Admirer: Herr Mozart, I am thinking of writing symphonies. Can you give me any suggestions as how to get started? 

Mozart: A symphony is a very complex musical form. Perhaps you should begin with some simple lieder and work your way up to a symphony. 

Admirer: But Herr Mozart, you were writing symphonies when you were 8 years old. 

Mozart: But I never asked anybody how. 

A Girl from France!

This is the place called parvati in Pune. Sorry for the click ..didn’t come out well.

Last Sunday I went to this place in the evening with my friend. It was my first time and I didn’t know I would have to walk this many steps.

So with lot of efforts I finally got there, what I felt was great and that too after my boring schedule. Thandi thandi hawa and nice weather and nice view too. There we saw cute cute Japanese kids playing and eating “bhutta ” that is corn . Then upstairs we walked and clicked many many pictures.

Then there comes this beautiful girl from France who was very much happy seeing scenic views . Suddenly one family came and asked her to have picture with them , she became happy and was interested too. I felt how related she would have felt with the country.

I too thought to have a pic with her but I resisted thinking she will get irritated as so many were following her and also group of boys were keenly interested to have picture . I was observing her more than the place which I came to see. Thankgod they didn’t made any issue. I was then thinking why I was so much being concentrating like she was from other planet. Why I was interested to have a pic?

The answer was simple ,we are not globalised enough to accept them like we are .

We friends after an hour left the place and again she came in front of us .  This time  with auto-rickshaw, I was passing and the drive said ,”I don’t know English ,please translate what she wants to say.”

She was saying she wanted to go aundh and then I translated and driver said ,”it will charge her 350Rs.”

“Really”,I said .

“You can come with us “,I said to girl.

“Okay”,she said.

The driver got angrier and frightened me saying,”why do want to ruin my business, I just took your help and you are showing enough smartness.”

I said ,”She can go by bus too in 30rs .”

“Yes ,and Ola is charging only rs.200”,she said.

The driver came out and for this pity reason was shouting at me.And in India the nearby public has to gather anyone as there was drama going on.

I remind him of not doing his work by improper means and not to loot the foreigner . Atlast “Atithi devo bhava.”

It was very simple incident but I felt like how many will be there who will be treating them like this .

We represent our country .

Please interfere when such things happen nearby you .

Yes we get enough money from tourism and from them but we should remind ourselves that it should be earned with our honesty and not by fooling them.

Be the change you want to see in the world.