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Racist must watch this..


Waiting ……

Kahani thi wo

Zuban pe kaise ati

Bhul bethe the yadein

Kisse unke kaise sunati

Kuch lafz kehte

Aur kuch ankhein bhi

Jisse sunana tha

Wo kbhi smjha hi nahi ya kbhi ruka nhi

Zindagi thamisi thi

Badhne ki na ummid thi

Fir bhi Yuhi likhti chale gai

Yunhi chalte chale gai

Khamosh dil tha

Lekin dhadkane ab bhi tez

Ab bhi sunane lgti wo dhadkane biti yadon ko…dhak dhak

Koi ahat na hui

Koi dastak pe na aya

Bas me aur meri ankhein

Rasta takhein bethi thi…….

Rasta takhein bethi thi……….

Happy new year… 😀🤗😋

1st jan 2018

Above written poem is just mere imagination. Iska vastavikta se koi lena dena nahi he😂😁


Comment me the topic which you want me write on😃


Some words in my poem ✍️ means ⬇️

Flickering : make small quick movements

Chauvinistic :patriotic

PMT :pre medical test

tattle: gossip

Ossify: stop developing

Spry: lively

Introducing to you Juliet

that is me💃 and 13 Romeos 🐒maths and 12 mpsc subjects

🗨️💫Moments start flickering

As I recall my birth👶

My tiny toes and eyes

Smile when wore my velvet skirt😱

Grew up with love😍

&Siblings too joined

Teasing each other🤡

Even fighted for a rupee coin

Friends became important

I strangely became chauvinistic

Watching #Saara akash# on tv

To be lieutenant Kiran Rathod👮🛩️🚁✈️ I gave a tick✔️

(Readers saara akash is tv serial based on air force life)

Soon I realised doctor would be better

And left my boyfriend naming maths

Started my journey of being life saver

#Hatash# & #nirash# 🙍the day came

2 days on juice

Since my decision changed

I missed that PMT by a hair💔

And now I’m going to join my bf again

Who now says me to go away

You left me,now you’ll pay

Maths failed me one time

But I decided to make him happy

Alas!😢 I couldn’t as it was 4th sem

I took a sigh ,said goodbye✋
also I warned him

Never ever come to even say “hii”🙋

(Readers ,maths never won in ditchy game , I won him by high grades)

I failed but I passed

I lost but never quit

I changed professions

But not my dreams…😆🤘

After a brief romcom ❤️💔with maths

I landed in affair not many but 12 subjects💖

Each was special

Each one was real

I believed in all they never treated me small🙆

(Readers maths really treated me like hell, he made me to byheart him , I faced a lot ,I give triple talak to maths even I be made to go 3 years in jail💪girl power)

I got in depth of my studies📚📖

All 12 became my buddies👫👭👬

Curiosity grew , but of theirs

They began to tattle to be my pair👫

Of course it was theirs nightmare🗯️

I began race which I won👑

All Romeos have died

But this Juliet is still going on……

(Thanqqqqq for being part of this very beautiful journey my friends..Keep reading Juliet’s more stories )


Follow the best ,don’t take rest

Sometime you dump

Ans sometimes you get dumped💔💣🏖️

Game remains on ,don’t get conned🤘✌️

#Many ways 👣 are there leading to destination🏖️🏠🚣✈️🚢🥇🏆#

Try not to ossify🙍 to be spry🙅🙆

By Kiran Rathod😀😜

See you in my next post..Plz tell me if you are liking or not unliking my stories🤣😂

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Byeee and wish u happy new year ,may all of u get what you dream of!


Right to childhood?

Childhood is best part anyone can have.

The innocence which we get from childhood should be there our whole life . The smile,cuteness, crying for chocolates ,playing with friends in ladder and how can one forgot of playing gudda-guddi.

Everyone of us , however, show our dark sides . In farrow world there is no place left for innocence . Many see the other one with conquering eyes , in doubtful manner. In this holocaust world, violence is used as weapon to kill innocence.

A heart-rending experience often occur everyday I read newspaper. How one can objectify the child? How one can make them a medium of one’s lustful desire? When I start thinking about these I just want to hang such sordid person. I so much want all powers to kill him and give every harsh treatment he deserves . But I can’t have that, and no child gets any justice for this as we have this hasty rigmarole.

The scenario sometimes change and justice is given as seen in kopardi and tamil nadu’s case.

We keep on saying justice be given by hanging person . But what about the child ….

Their innocence has not seen the whole world and before they experience anything they experience hate, this rubbishness . A child who is 6 or 7 years old , how can console herself that she should move on. That trauma will never go. What should be done in this case I still don’t have answer to that?

What happen to their lives?

I just don’t want to think about this but still want to have a solution. I keep consoling myself that there are parents with them, they will be ok afterwards. But that’s not the truth .

My small piece of advice is giving moral values to every child from childhood is essential part when they grow . A child should be make to learn with whom they should keep distance and with whom they should talk. They should know the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. A proper education is necessary. We see many cases where family members are involved and in such cases one should not supress the case saying it’s ok.

Every matter is serious and each small matter can become a bitter experience if we ask our child to keep their mouth shut. Be their friend. Respect for women and love for child is the way .

Right to live is everyone’s right. And living with dignity and respect we should work with.

Love child#protect them#instill moral values#may every child live their childhood to the fullest!

You dawdle but you win…

I am….haha ,why I always start with I…so self-considering and sensitive of me about myself exactly like traits of cancerian .I feel like I am the most suffering person in the world. The whole drama of fakeness is draping me and my blood has started clotting by this .

Well I am happy and gaiety . I love galing when I am with my friends. Kya din the woo..till date I have enjoyed every moment of my life and will have reminiscence of it in this my very journey of life.

Every day I thinkOf travelling ,roaming, having chitchat with friends ,having lots of fast food,dancing,sleeping late and waking up late and also of writing something about me and my people


“Hey you are on your mission and you dont have to waste this precious time ..all your friends have landed having job and you are still on mission of doing and making something great you yourself dont know about..about what great I want to do ..but yesss I am very much clear about I will do something great ..something making my life worth it.”

Negativity is very much on a run and want to come wherever she finds a place . In my head tooo she took a place ..ya she is going though but when I fail she has a superpower of coming back with a speed of 3 *10^8 m/s(speed of light ..electrical engg student should be analytical enough 😉


Lots of people may come and roam around to see where you stand today, some are there happy to see you failing and some are the exceptions want to see you rise everytime you fall. All characters are moving around you to say “job lagi kya?”

(Questions may differ from person to person)

They are watching to see how strong ,how tirelessly you are battling. All audience are sitting and watching you on battleground of life like the one in bahubali.

Battle starts and arrows of instability , laziness ,negativity, intolerance, loneliness, and all the worldly tensions are fired on you and draped you . Then you see the arrow fired is coming out from a striked heart making you unable to stand .. you are seeing just a defeat are searching for sky(GLUCON D IS NOT WORKING HERE;P) but you find yourself under the dark crust. You want to cry a lot but you dont want anyone to hear you out . You are faking smile and saying hey I am okay .







Yesss stand and oppose . Fight and get it.Show your strong positivity and create win win situation. Show your all much you you handled till now yourself your accomplishment ..cheer yourself when there are no one.. and strike this arrows back .

Hey you win…

You did it

That hard strike of arrows,struggle all worth it..

Someone rightly said ,

Struggles changes your life for a better!

I didnt stop here …

See the magic

The magically termed happiness tear which probably is coming from right eye want now to meet my lips and say

Bhaiyyaji shmileeeee plssssszzzz:p

(Above dialogue should be read like the one in dabbang 😉 )

Dont seat idle , even if you win.

Do the undone.

Break the barriers.

Real life starts when we keep challenging ourselves.


Queen of gems!


When I was 8 years old and used to watch shaktiman..ya that show aired on doodarshan. 

I liked softy I don’t 

I liked chocolates…. nothing changed yet

I liked fish… will always be loving it

I liked gems…and i  remember of that day when I commited mistake

Yes gems proved wrong to me in my list of favourite items….

As I was naughty then as I am now, I used to spend quality time with my friend prachi . She was cute girly kind of who  played with dolls and make temple using mud . I was kind of Tom boy who liked wearing  blue color  favourite Sachin tshirt ( but I liked saurav ganguly more…The stupid reason may be because we share same birthdate and he wear spects). 

I had a bad habit of wasting money in chocolates and ice creams. Even I stolen money .I mean I used to break the piggy bank and sometimes take money from my father’s pocket . That day I did it ..For gems I stolen money amounting 10 rs. You don’t know that days 10 rs were like 100 and stealing that amount, I was aware I would be punished ,but till then I would be enjoying ..will eat gems …badme dekhlenge was my tendency .

I ran towards shop and get change of 10 rs. Because that machine was taking 1 rs. Coin and in return gave gems. I purchased gems costing 10 rs . Jannat ..In return felt . Eating gems in that huge packet wowwwww.

While returning eating it ..prachi was playing in mud . Near my home construction was going on. So I rested on that mud like a queen of gems and enjoyed eating. Meanwhile I handed some to prachi. She asked, “paise kaha se aye?”.

I was going to answer but then one voice came that shook me ..frightened me…and it was my father at some distance calling my name.

Kirrrannnnnnnn… so huge so loud

I cried and came near him.

He took my hand and took me home. 

I was crying ..and told him I will never do this ..He asked me where are the remaining money . I said in gems. Ek jor se gal par padi. And my gems were thrown in front of me . .  . But from that day I never stolen any money and never bought gems!  

Now when I see gems 

I smile





If you can’t run , walk … if you can’t walk then crawl!

So life is unpredictable . Ofcourse I am writing this because seriously something which I didn’t expect that happened (may be I was knowing but it was taking much time to accept ) . When you know you haven’t prepared enough for the exams and results shows negative remarks or you fail are broken but you don’t need to….however you feel sudden attack of failure , loneliness , why this happens with me only?,no one loves me etc etc… . Obviously when you do expect from yourself you should be ready to accept the failure too.

Expect and accept ..two mantra for easy going and overcoming failure.

You have to accept that yes you had less preparation

You need to do more

You were an emotional fool some days back

You are going to do big some other day if not this

You have capability to do lot more

When you dream you really need courage to fulfill it. Literally, when you just read this sentence it will not mean much .. but when you fail ,then every sentence unnecessarily means a lot and actually it has lot of meaning in it. Courage ..

Thinking over it

Just I need courage to be awake and not stop even when I am bored

Next time surely will be my day!

I will crawl atleast until the day is my day…

These words….

My love, do not ask from me
the love we shared once before.
If you were here, I always thought
life would shine, eternally.

We share our grief, so why argue
over the sorrows of the world?
Your countenance is the assurance
of perennial spring, everywhere.

For what is the worth of this world
but the sight of your eyes?
If only I found you, the fates
would be enthralled.

This wasn’t how it should have been,
except that I wanted it to be;
there are more sorrows in this world
beyond the anguish of love.

There is more to happiness
than the relief of reunion;
the blight of dark magic
of years beyond counting,

while draped in silk,
satin and brocade; everywhere,
in alleys and marketplaces,
young flesh is up for sale.

Dragged in the dirt,
bathed in blood, bodies
emerge from furnaces
of pestilence.

Pus flows untapped
from leaking ulcers.
My eyes can’t look away,
what should I do?

Your beauty still allures, but
what can I do?
There are sorrows in this world
beyond the pleasures of love.

There is more to happiness
than the relief of reunion;
so my love, do not ask from me
the love we shared once before.

Originally …mujhse pehlisi mohobbat mere mehboob na maang by faiz Ahmed faiz..